Sensational Selling Strategies

When calling business prospects, always do your homework, find out about the company product or service. Go through their website, and find out the name and position of the person you are calling.   Glean any information, specifically look for pain points from your time on the Website. This information can be used to fix an appointment or get that meeting. For i.e. you can say something like (“most proprietors have found XYZ to be a challenge, not sure if you’re facing the issues.)

Please keep in mind when calling anyone during business hours that they are busy, respect their time by asking them right off the bat if it’s a good time to talk? This is an excellent practice and will help you grab their attention. No matter how good your product or service is if they are not in the right frame of mind to listen, then there is really no point moving further at that time,  If they give you permission- continue, if not ask for a time to reschedule the call or meeting.  

Keep your elevator pitch ready. Make it short and sweet. It has to be packed with just enough information to pique their interest, but not so much for them to be dismissive about your ability to be of service to them.  You must be able to strike the right balance.

The point of an initial conversation is never to get the sale. The point of the first conversation is to generate a scheduled meeting or appointment.  You need to get them to a place where they want to know more and they need to make time in their schedule to get this information from you.

When reaching out to potential customers one of the first things to keep in mind is the person we are approaching. Are they the right person?  Does their designation in the organization have them in a place to make decisions about purchasing a product or service? Are they the ones signing checks and contracts, because if they are not, the process from the first engagement to closing the deal just got a little bit longer.

When speaking to decision makers, few things to keep in mind, always agree with a customer when he comes up with a reason for not being able to go ahead…use phrases like yes I completely agree with you this can be a challenge but here’s how others we have worked with have been able to overcome this particular challenge. Give them examples and options. This shows your understanding of their business and that you are listening keenly.

Remember their challenges are very real to them. It’s what they faced with every day. Disagreeing with them is counterproductive. Instead help them look past their challenges by asking them questions like how would this make a difference to the business financially, or hours spent, and manpower resources if this particular challenge could be dealt with?

Pay attention to the questions they ask. Always ask them for the reason behind the questions they are asking. Don’t just answer the question and move on. Keep track of the conversation by understanding the intent behind the question. Ask them why they want to know.

When you’ve concluded your presentation and the client doesn’t show any interest says they will call you back, or let you know later, this is your cue to understand that they are not intrested. Get them to say so, try this some like “John usually when clients say they’ll call me back…they never do…because they are not intrested and too polite to say so. If that’s the case please let me know now. I won’t disturb your further.

No is a good answer, when they actually say so. Just because they say no at the time it won’t be a no forever. Wish them well tell them you’ll keep in touch and take it forward from there. Keep in touch on calls by saying Hi, check if the status has changed from when you last spoke to them. Have they done anything differently, have they brought someone else in. If they are holding off for permissions or budgets…get a timeline and contact them then.

Remember before a deal is closed there is a minimum requirement for 12 pieces of information to be exchanged. So being consistent, exchanging useful information, and following up till the end is what brings a deal to closure.

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